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Gramps on Teens
Gramps on Teens Tour

Old grandpa is fucking a teen

Grandpa Teen is living proof not all hope is lost once you reach 50. Old and young couples tend to turn heads wherever they go, with jealous men wondering how an old grandpa like that managed to seduce a young girl into a lasting relationship... Well, you'd be surprised! Check out Oldje or Grandpas Fuck Teens for some of the best examples. Many girls actually like having sex with older men. They're experienced, considerate and tend to push all the right buttons. The taboo concerning age gaps isn't likely to disappear in the years to come, but grandpas and teens make for perfect matches more often than not.

The discussion about old/young couples has been going on for ages. It's a controversial topic indeed, but in the end the personal choice of two adults is a private matter. As long as she's 18 years old, no-one but her has a say in her choice of partner. A younger girl hooking up with a grey old grandpa might well be shocking to some, but that's effectively their problem and not hers. Public perception will slowly change anyway and age difference will join the ranks of ethnicity and ancestry as far as prejudice is concerned. Fortunately, teens nowadays are becoming increasingly open-minded towards old-young relationships. The taboo is fading and since older men usually have the exact qualities they're attracted to, they're not holding back anymore. Seniors are patient and know how to conduct meaningful conversations. They have accomplished lives with tons of cash to spend and oceans of time to spend it in. Oldtimers and grandpas tend to take their time in bed too - which is a huge plus for most girls out there.

Experienced Seniors

Make no mistake though, these old dogs still know their tricks... They keep on plowing these teens like there's no tomorrow! People tend to assume an old grandpa or senior can't really hack it in bed like they used to. It's a convenient thought, 'cause it eliminates an entire generation of competition and makes younger guys feel more confident. Pussies. The fact is, old men and grandpas have all the experience in the world and know exactly what drives a girl wild. Once a teen fucks a grandpa, the young jocks and machos just don't seem to be hitting their spot anymore...

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Old Man Gangbang
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The girls old men like

What is it that makes relationships between dirty old men and younger hotties so controversial? Aren't grandpas entitled to date any girl they want? As long as she's eighteen, who's to say what girls you should feel attracted to? Or do you think your taste in girls will shift to milfs and grannies as you get older? Of course it won't! There's a slew of biological reasons a guy is programmed to seek out the perky teens, but I won't even bother you with that. Just think about it. Why do most men - not just the oldtimers - prefer girls in their teens and twenties? Because their titties are firm and perky! Because their skin is smooth and silky! I can go on like that, but you get the picture. It doesn't matter how old you are - your reasons for liking a girl remain the same.

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The older guys girls like

The same goes for hotties who prefer older men. Girls have their reasons - just like men do. Grandpas and seniors are experienced, considerate and have something to say beyong the usual macho dribble. Looks aren't usually at the top of these girls' lists, which is why you'll find stunningly beautiful girls holding hands with dead-ugly old farts. You could say teens and women prefer substance over looks. Which is excellent news for the ugly seniors and old grandpas out there! Even an aging bum or a creepy fat pensioner shouldn't have a problem asking a pretty girl out. He could be fucking her in no time if he just plays his cards right. You know, make her laugh and treat her with respect, all that kind of stuff really works. Cuties and teenies are more attracted to a sensible conversation with a charming old man than they are to the stumbling efforts of some young cat with an inflated ego.

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Old guys are dirty and young chicks are naughty

Girls have kinky fantasies too, you know. Maybe they don't like to admit it as much, but imagining a dirty old freak having his way with them and fucking them hard however and wherever he pleases gets a lot of them turned on big time. Thoughts of total submission often do in one way or the other. And what could be kinkier than getting plowed by old seniors and fat grandpas? Teens these days are so open-minded the number of age gap relationships and young/old couples is definitely growing. No wonder really, with the public stigma quickly fading, more old farts hitting on younger cuties and more 18 year old girls turning their hidden fantasies and feelings into reality.

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Old man and teen sex is dirtier

That's right. Girls are so insecure nowadays. No wonder really, with just about all the young guys expecting them to look like the supermodels they see in magazines and commercials every day. So you get awkward situations with self-conscious girls terrified to show themselves and really go all out in bed. Not so with the older generation. A girl can really let go and be herself when she's dating a middle-aged guy with a receding hairline or a gray old grandpa with a beer gut. There's no need to be embarrassed - and more often than not, it makes for smoking hot sex with plenty of experimenting. Totally uninhibited and free of shame.

Old/young story
Do you think I'm sexy, Mr. Reynolds? Jack felt her fingers touching his leg as time slowed down to a near halt. Could she be serious?

Dirty old men or young naughty girls?

And you know what? For some of these teenies, it's exactly the shock effect that turns them on! They walk up to the scruffiest bums and hobos and grab their wrinkled dicks right there. They enjoy the uptight ladies staring at them in the streets. The jealous looks from other men, drooling over the thought of doing her hard. If you think most of the old and young relationships involve dirty old men, think again! Often times, it's exactly the naughty teens who seduced an old man. You'd be surprised.

No choice, really

Come to think of it, most people would be surprised. Younger guys just can't imagine a girl choosing a worn-out old man over some muscly young stud. That's because they're looking at it from their perspective. They're not into older women, so teenies can't possibly be into older men, right? Well, wrong. When it comes to relationships and choice of partner, women are entirely different from men. Girls want to feel that click, that spark, and as long as it's there, it doesn't matter what he looks like or how old he is. And men? Give us a hot teen with perky tits, an insatiable appetite for kinky sex and you won't hear us complaining anytime soon.

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